preflight - takeoff - landing

We understand that each invention and inventor is different and will help you move down a pathway that suits your unique circumstances and goals. You can start with us at any stage and continue as far as you like. Our philosophy, based on 30+ years of hard won experience, is that even the best inventions can fail and saving money to try again is critical for long term success.  Each step of the way we will help you maximize the effectiveness of the money you spend.

Below is an outline of our basic three step program. It will be customized to suit the development stage of your invention and your personal and professional goals.

Each step is customized to suit your particular needs and goals.

ONE: PREFLIGHT - Research and analyze prior art inventions and competitive products. Protect intellectual property. Survey the market.

  • Review prior art, competitive products and alternative solutions.

  • Identify top potential licensees, consider synergies and conflicts.

  • Analyze invention using Inventicator™ algorithm.

  • Protect intellectual property.

  • Create survey presentation(s).

  • Survey target market.

  • Evaluate survey results.

TWO: TAKEOFF - Develop and prototype. Create a presentation package.

  • Refine and prototype invention.

  • Distill product message.

  • Create 1-2 minute explainer video.

  • Contact target licensees.

  • Confidentiality agreement.

  • Presentation.

  • Follow up.

  • Includes phone/email consultation

THREE: LANDING - Negotiate licensing deal.

  • Review alternatives and determine minimum acceptable deal terms.

  • Outline key deal points.

  • Presentation to prospect.

  • Write draft agreement or review draft agreement from prospect.

  • Responses and modifications to draft agreement.

  • Close deal.

  • Includes phone/email consultation